Is Credit Repair For You:

The purpose of credit repair services are to help people actively repair credit reports and raise bad credit scores so that they can move forward to secure home loans, personal loans, auto loans, and more.

If you’re unsure where your credit health stands to date, it’s important to find out the facts and see what can be improved before making any serious financial decisions such as purchasing a home. The easiest way to shed light on your credit situation is simply to sign up with Free Credit Score – a leader in the field.

Free Credit Score Review

Free Credit Score may be best known for their catchy jingles on TV but believe it or not, they do provide several valuable credit related services.  If you ever plan on buying a house or car on credit, you’ll need to know your credit score.  Some employers have even started turning to credit reports to help them judge the character of a potential employee.  If there are any issues with your score and report, it’s important to catch them early and get them resolved as soon as possible through credit repair.

Free Credit Score does all that and more.  They also offer a free 7 day trial of their services so there’s really no risk in trying it out – and even though their name implies that all they offer is your credit score, they do actually provide a variety of other credit related services.  Their most valuable service after your score, is probably their credit monitoring feature. Alerts and credit monitoring can help you defend against fraud, identity theft, and inaccurate negative information on your credit report. Free Credit Score will scan your reports and alert you to any key changes, including suspicious activity and potential errors that could be costing you thousands of dollars each year.


Your credit score is essentially a snapshot in time of how your current accounts look.  Do you have a high utilization rate?  Do you have a lot of recent credit inquiries?  These are all factors that can negatively affect your score. Every month, Free Credit Score will send you a credit summary and report of the factors that moved your score up or down.  If there’s any activity on your account, like opening or closing of an account, they will send you an instant notification.  That way, should anyone get a hold of your personal information and try to open a line of credit, you’ll be able to immediately take action.

If your credit is less than stellar, Free Credit Score also provides detailed tracking information.  This tracking feature will enable you to follow your score’s history and get yourself back on the right track credit-wise.  There are quite a few other fringe benefits to joining Free Credit Score that include loan services and credit advice and should you decide to extend your free trial after 7 days, they will only charge you $14.99 per month.  That fee includes the ability to check your credit score at any time and their valuable credit monitoring services.  If that price seems too steep to you, just think about how much pain and suffering someone stealing your identity would cause you. Credit is an important part of everyone’s life whether they like it or not, so it’s important to use a service like Free Credit Score to stay on top of everything – especially if you aim to purchase a house or car, or expect to borrow money or acquire a loan in the future.


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Credit Report

Credit Report - Free Credit ScoreA credit report is a detailed summary containing info on a person’s credit history, which includes identifying information, credit accounts, loans, bankruptcies, late payments, and any recent inquiries. These reports are typically obtained by individuals or by prospective lenders to determine creditworthiness.

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Credit Score

Credit Score Graph - Free Credit RepairA credit score is a measure of one’s credit risk, as calculated from a credit report. Factors that damage a credit score include: late payments, no references, and poor credit card use. Lenders use one’s credit score to determine whether to provide a loan, and at what rate. In the US, the FICO score is most commonly used.

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Top Credit Repair Benefits

  • Access to loan approvals
  • Lower interest rates
  • Improved credit score
  • Information analysis
  • Credit best practices
  • Money saved
  • Peace of mind


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